Creating the exact look and style that your brand needs!

Looking to add a more persuasive component in your digital media mix? A video showing what you best do is a perfect pitch machine.

Video tells the story of your brand’s history, culture and character. We at Clientside Marketing know how to absolutely nail your video production in Hamilton, so it can leave a lasting impression on your advocates and consumers. This little investment will pay dividends for years, as the audience connects with you and pledge their trustworthiness and undying loyalty.

Animated promotional videos are a way to go if you mean to launch a new service/product, or bring more awareness to the old ones. The video clips we create for your brand are the outcome of intense brainstorming and the use of modern videography and editing techniques. We translate superior ideas into entertaining and informative (truly depends on whatever you want!) bit that delivers your message efficiently to your audience.

Telling your story in the language of human emotion

At Clientside Marketing, we’re able to layout a perfect brand story and bring it to life. With our experienced designers and animators, we can tell, demonstrate, and say exactly all that matters.

Our video production in Hamilton Ontario service include:



Creating a 5-6 second animation is an affordable solution to get your special out creatively on your website, social media or any other digital advertising.



We make affordable full video advertisements that help get a personalized message out. This includes script consult, filming, and editing.



Don’t have time to sit and edit a video? Let ClientSide Marketing create text overlays and transitions that will make your videos look great!